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NCSS Girls' Programming Network
  • Want to learn how computers really work?
  • Want to write programs that do what you want?
  • Want to improve your programming skills for Software Design and Development?
  • Want to meet other girls also interested in IT?

Then the Girls' Programming Network is for you!

The Girls' Programming Network (GPN) is an extra-curricular program run by girls and for girls. The tutors are a mix of University IT students (from the University of Sydney and others) as well as professional software engineers from companies like Google and Atlassian. GPN aims to inspire and support girls interested in computers and technology, and any high school girls are encouraged to attend.

Upcoming Events

For details about our upcoming events, please visit our website

If you are interested in coming along or finding out more, please register here.

In our last few workshops, we have learnt about writing games in Python, text generation and writing Fake Shakespeare, and digital media including sound, image and movie processing and manipulation using Python. Over the past few years, GPN students have dis- and re-assembled computers, written chatbots, made smart phone applications and text and graphics based games. They've learnt about cryptography, networking, algorithms, encoding methods, image manipulation, table-top computers and a host of other topics. We're always keen to teach eager students, so if there's a particular topic you want to learn about, let us know!